Tactics - Ch. 3 New Neighbor

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  • ana here

    ana here

    2018-10-18 3:42

    holly simon😶 wut

    • Annihilus Hunter : It’s obvious what’s going on. Holly is the one girl he ever loved. But then she drowned and Simon couldn’t save her. Aft...

    • Maryangel Adraincem: Holly simon = HOLY SIMON WHAT THE HECK😂😂😂😂

    • 53 Replies
  • yukki sama ex kaneki

    yukki sama ex kaneki

    2018-10-18 3:49

    the legend of the blue sea

    • Visitor 25398: W two worlds scarlet heart ryeo

    • Elsie Leslie: Kdrama fan also here

    • 60 Replies
  • panda_lovers


    2018-10-18 3:43

    This story is interesting

    • the schemel's: yes very

    • willyj519: extremely

    • 3 Replies
  • Ruthrapathy Payanajali Babu

    Ruthrapathy Payanajali Babu

    2018-10-18 3:36

    is she dead or something

    • Zee Ya: I really think she is

    • wolfalpha: na bruh she probably isn't and am not being sarcastic

    • 5 Replies
  • LateNight


    2018-10-18 3:56

    Holly get your ass back tovhim because he is a mess

  • Visitor 10923

    Visitor 10923

    2018-10-18 6:44

    I think the girl called holy is dead and Simon loved that girl after ye died he never loved anyone and he became the moody guy. .

    • Rachell Mangosan: really is that the girl he loved,no wonder he left he's heart when the girl he loved had died!

  • Sarna Ad

    Sarna Ad

    2018-10-18 5:28

    oh ho where is next chapter i am very confused 😑😑😑😑

  • yukki sama ex kaneki

    yukki sama ex kaneki

    2018-10-18 3:49

    i like tragic stories

    • Tyler Keane: like Titanic lol 😏

    • yukki sama ex kaneki: yea

    • 4 Replies
  • Visitor 82598

    Visitor 82598

    2018-10-18 7:15

    Anita and Simon I FREAKING SHIP IT 😍

    • Waluigi: I think that's What His dad wants lol

  • Elsafan


    2018-10-18 7:26

    holly simon... it sounds like HOLY SIMON LOL

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